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Dear Divine Feminine

Dear divine feminine. This one's for you.

All the tears you've cried, all the pain you've felt and all the time spent thinking you were not good enough all served a purpose.

It was to get you to this exact point.

This moment right now. The moment when everything changes.

This does not make it any less painful but it does make it worth it.

The lessons learnt did not come easy but then again if it had been easy, would you have learnt the lesson?

divine feminine rising

And I'm not taking about easy as in it was easy to get it but easy to let it go. Or more precisely let them go.

We are on this epic journey and every step we take we learn, we grow, we evolve.

And when we learn, we heal. If it is easy to let them go we are not leaning and we are not healing what we came into this lifetime to heal.

So I ask you again. Would you want it if it was easy?

Collect your tears and use them to nourish the new seeds you are about to plant. Lay down your hurt and pain as it has reached the end of its journey. Pick up your heart and your mind and carry your trust in the divine to guide you through this journey.

Thank them for the lessons they provided and the karma that you have now cleared and say your goodbyes.

Now, dear divine feminine, you are ready to rise up in all your glory, living a more authentic life as the divine feminine you are.

And remember hope is always around the corner and when she comes she brings her sister faith. Hope and faith with see you through. Just take their hands and let them lead the way.

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