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Soul Connection Deluxe Reading - Moonseeker of Light Guardian

Soul Connection Deluxe Reading

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This will be a YouTube reading, sent to you with a private link.

Please submit the name of you and your twin flame together with the date of birth. A photo of the two of you, together or seperate is fine, as long as it is a clear picture with no filters.


What I will look at:


1. Your SC's current energies (head space, heart space, 3D space)

2. Your current energies (head space, heart space, 3D space)

3. How your SC views you and this connection in the past

4. How your SC views you and this connection in the present

5. Where you are right now in your SC journey

6. Lessons that you have taught each other

7. What is currently blocking or challenging this connection

8. What stands between you and them for them to return to your life

9. Possible future actions they may take towards you and this connection

10. Messages from the divine on this connection and journey



Love Challenges


11. Your SC's Truth of the Heart for this connection 

12. The current challenges stopping them from following their heart

13. What your SC truly wants for this connection 

14. External factors affecting the connection





15. What shadows are underlying in this connection 

16. How can you move away from these shadows

17. What you both need to overcome in order to change


Messages from your SC


18. Messages from your SC's Higher Self

19. Messages from your SC's 3D Self

20. What they want to know

21. What they don't want you to know

22. What they need you to know

23. What they wish they could tell you face to face

24. Messages from the Angels for this connection

25. Messages from the Universe for this connection

26. Messages from the Divine for this connection

27. Messages from your higher self

28. Possible future energies of this connection



Time frame for delivery is 3-5 business days from when we have received your order.  Once your order is ready we will notify you and send you your private link.

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Nicolasa G.
United States United States

Very Pleased

Laura gave me invaluable insight into my situation, very accurate and heartfelt. I would highly recommend her to any person in need of answers. I have purchsed from her many times, and will continue to do so in the future.

Jennifer B.K

Deluxe Soul Connection Reading

I have had several readings with Laura. She has an amazing gift! She has helped me in countless ways. She is accurate and is very detailed in her readings. I am truly blessed to have found her. She will truly help you find your inner light. Thank you Laura! May the light and love always surround you!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Jennifer B.K

Deluxe Soul Connection Reading

I have had several readings with MoonSeeker of Light Guardian. Wow, she blew me away many times! She touched on things that she could have never known. You can feel her caring soul coming through to you as well. I felt like I was in the reading with her. I would highly recommend Laura, she is very talented... it gives you goose bumps! Thank you so much for the amazing readings and truly touching my life.

Alethia C.

Deluxe Soul Connection Reading

I am SO thrilled that it came in my heart to get this reading from Laura!! I was really looking forward to getting the messages on all these areas she covers, and having a better picture of the situation.  I wasn't disappointed. My faith has literally gotten stronger, in my twin flame journey since then, because of so many things she read and the insight it brought. The accurateness was crazy! Not only do I understand better what's going on...I know better what's he's thinking, and that I'm not wrong to keep believing. I feel I can move on in my life with joy. I enjoyed the long and in depth reading...and watching the artwork of the cards she draws while she explains them; it really puts pictures in your mind, to help you visualize the concepts and remember! She is also so sweet in connecting with you❤ Thank you Laura!♡