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Soul Connection Deluxe Reading

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This will be a YouTube reading, sent to you with a private link.

Please submit the name of you and your twin flame together with the date of birth. A photo of the two of you, together or seperate is fine, as long as it is a clear picture with no filters.

What I will look at:

1. Your TF's current energies (head space, heart space, 3D space)
2. Your current energies (head space, heart space, 3D space)
3. How your TF views you and this connection in the past
4. How your TF views you and this connection in the present
5. Where you are right now in your TF journey
6. Lessons that you have taught each other
7. What is currently blocking or challenging this connection
8. What stands between you and them for them to return to your life
9. Possible future actions they may take towards you and this connection
10. Messages from the divine on this connection and journey

Love Challenges

11. Your TF's Truth of the Heart for this connection
12. The current challenges stopping them from following their heart
13. What your TF truly wants for this connection
14. External factors affecting the connection


15. What shadows are underlying in this connection
16. How can you move away from these shadows
17. What you both need to overcome in order to change

Messages from your TF

18. Messages from your TF's Higher Self
19. Messages from your TF's 3D Self
20. What they want to know
21. What they don't want you to know
22. What they need you to know
23. What they wish they could tell you face to face
24. Messages from the Angels for this connection
25. Messages from the Universe for this connection
26. Messages from the Divine for this connection
27. Messages from your higher self
28. Possible future energies of this connection



Time frame for delivery is 3-5 business days from when we have received your order.  Once your order is ready we will notify you and send you your private link.

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