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Twin Flame Reading 60min

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Would you like to know what's going on with your Twin Flame or Soulmate?

Then this is the reading for you.

This will be a 60 min YouTube reading, sent to you with a private link.

What you'll get:

1. Your TF's current energy (head space, heart space and 3D space)

2. How your TF thinks and feels about you. Now and then.

3. Your current energy towards your TF.

4. Current blockages or challenges in your connection

5. What is stopping your TF from coming towards you

6. Your connective energy

7. Something the Universe is trying to help you with in this connection

8. Messages from your TF's higher self

9. Possible future energies of this connection

10. Messages from the Universe on the future of this connection.

Please submit your name and the name of the person you are asking about.

Love, Light and Blessings,
Moonseeker of Light Guardian



Time frame for delivery is 3-5 business days from when we have received your order.  Once your order is ready we will notify you and send you your private link.